Frequently asked questions

What is Tech Support Mart?

Tech Support Mart provides technical support for all sorts of computer related issues. We are an independent provider of technical support for almost all major brands. Our in-house training and refresher programs ensure that our experts are up to speed with the latest in software and hardware. We use the top of the line remote access technology to establish secure connections with client PC’s and then our experts take over.

Will you Charge me if my issue is not resolved?

TSM will not charge anything unless the problem described by the customer is resolved to their satisfaction.

Do you have any experience at technical Support?

We tech support experts are hired after rigorous tests that check their technical ability amongst other things. The team has an average work experience of a little over 5 years in providing tech support services. Plus our in house training programs ensure that we stay on top of things.

Can Tech Support Mart resolve Hardware Issues?

Most problems that appear to be hardware related such a no audio output, bad video or at times even when you’re PC is not turning on – are actually software issues. Do give us a call when you are not sure. We will not charge you in any case till the time the problem is actually fixed. If it does turn out to be a genuine hardware issue we normally recommend that you contact the manufacturer for repair/replacement.

What should I expect from Tech Support Mart’s service?

When you call Tech Support Mart, you’ll be put through to a technical engineer who will diagnose and fix your computer. All you need to do is allow him to remotely connect to your PC. Then you can watch as our expert fixes you computer. While we weave our magic, you can either stay on the phone or hang up. Our technical expert will call you back when they’re done.

How is remote support superior to traditional tech support?

Remote support is secure, fast, and much more convenient than traditional tech support. With remote support, you don’t have the hassle of carrying your computer to a service centre or having a stranger in your home.

What all do I need for remote support?

All that is required is a broadband internet connection and your approval to remotely access your PC.

How can I sign up?

Call us at on our Toll Free Number. We are available 24/7; 365 days a year.