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Gmail is an extremely popular web-based email service provided by Google. The popularity of Gmail has grown in leaps and bounds in a relatively short amount of time and its customer base just keeps on increasing. The reason for Gmail’s popularity was simple. It was easy to use, came with lots of storage space and was integrated with Google’s other services such as Google Talk, Google Buzz, etc
Gmail was always a popular email service, but it was only by the year 2012 that it became the leading email service provider, overtaking former global leaders Hotmail and Yahoo. As of 2012, Gmail has over 400 million users worldwide, and the number is still rising rapidly. If you are in need of support for Gmail at any time, its help modules available on its help page would always be your best bet, for they are thoroughly explained and can be accessed for free.

Gmail service however could also experience certain kinds of issues at rarest of times, which could prove to be a major hassle if you don’t work to have it rectified at the earliest. This is why having some help for Gmail could come handy. You can ask for it from someone you know who has knowledge about it or might have experienced it himself in the past, or you could approach Google directly to obtain technical support for Gmail.

If you wish, you could visit Gmail’s official support page here for free support and to try and resolve any Gmail related issues that you might be facing on your own. Some of the topics covered by Gmail’s own support page include:

  • Loading issues
  • General troubleshooting
  • Managing contacts
  • Accessing Gmail via POP or IMAP
  • Problems with Google Chat
  • Managing your account

Please note that the official page for support for Gmail only provides a textual guide, it does not provide call-in tech support as provided by TechSupportMart.

If you find yourself facing a problem that is too complex for you to resolve on your own or feel that the issue is too trivial to be bothered with, feel free to contact us on our Tech Support number for Gmail (Toll Free): 1-855-383-7240.

There are certain issues that our experts for tech support for Gmail can help you out with that aren't otherwise covered by Gmail support. These issues could be critical for some, and so having resolution for them would be very vital. Some of these issues are:

  • Mail encryption – To increase the security of your email when you send it, so that even if it gets hacked no one can find its content ever!
  • Configuring desktop email clients such as Outlook – If you love reading your emails on your computer, and even when you are not connected to the internet, this one feature is meant for you. You can contact us to have your email account configured, and then access your emails and read them anytime and anywhere.
  • Configuration of your smartphone or any other web-enabled device to receive emails–Love reading your emails on your smart device? Let us help you configure it with your Gmail account, so that you can check them on the go, without needing a laptop or a machine to do that!
  • Linking multiple accounts – If you have multiple accounts and you hate signing into them individually we can help you have them all at the same place, thereby needing to access them all with just one sign-in account.
  • Managing account setting such as ‘Auto Mail Forward’ – If you want to put a filter, set away message or perhaps an auto mail forward setting, we can help you set them all with ease.

Note: We are not Gmail®/Google® and we don’t claim to be associated with them or representing them in any way. Please read our service disclaimer here for more information.

Why Us
We use the very latest remote access software to analyze your computer. The greatest advantage of online remote access is the convenience that it offers along. With remote access, you do not need to carry your computer to a service center or wait for a repair technician to show up at your doorstep. You can relax while our tech support expert goes about fixing your issue for you, and if you hang up he will call you back once he is done to take the resolution confirmation from you.

Our experts have an average experience of over 5 years and are hired after a thorough selection process that tests their technical ability among other things. After they are hired, they are put through further training and refresher programs to ensure that their knowledge is up to speed with the latest in technology. This is why you can always expect optimum technical support for Gmail from them every single time you call in.

Have a look at our support packages here to find the deal that best suits your need. Furthermore, when you buy a support package from us you also get to have a complete PC tune-up done for free. 
Our support experts are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you don’t need to look at your calendar or clock before calling us up!

Read through our FAQs for further details.

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  • Shivangi Jain

    Customer Service Executive

    When it comes to dealing with everything else other than technical support, there is no better person to talk to than Shivangi. With her help, you will be able to deal with anything other than technical support, such as billing, etc., within minutes!

  • Nadeem Khan

    Customer Service Executive

    One of the most experienced guys in our team, Nadeem certainly knows how to make an issue disappear in no time. With him, you can stay assured of quality service, and no matter what query you have in your mind he will always have an answer ready for you!

  • Jaini Puran

    Sr. Technician

    There is a saying that goes in our team -When the going gets tough, Jaini gets going! She is as resourceful as one can be, and always deals with every issue with utmost precision. Just let her know your issue, and she will help you fix it up in no time!

  • Arjun Singh

    Sr. Technician

    Arjun is yet another asset that we proudly call a part of our expert tech support team. He is simply flawless in everything he does! You just need to describe your issue to him, and he will resolve it for you within a span of few minutes!

  • Kaily Kait

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    If there is someone who understands your issue the moment you describe it, there can be no one better than Pamela. Her years of experience in providing technical aid along with that striking smile leaves anyone interacting with her with a smile of his own!

  • Pamela Kon

    Sr. Technician

    If there is someone who understands your issue the moment you describe it, there can be no one better than Pamela. Her years of experience in providing technical aid along with that striking smile leaves anyone interacting with her with a smile of his own!

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